The CSO Partnership Co-Chairs

The Global Council of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness last 27 November 2016 in Nairobi successfully reached consensus to maintain a roster of four Co-Chairs that will take on leadership of CPDE in the coming years.

The CSO Partnership is proud to introduce its co-chairs:

Mónica Novillo is a Bolivian social communicator. She has worked as journalist as well as coordinator of the Gender Equity and Local Development Programme and the Women and Citizenship Area at IFFI. She has been involved in advocacy strategies addressed to gender mainstreaming and introducing women’s rights perspective in the Bolivian Constitution to improve Bolivian women’s livelihoods. She has also worked with women’s organisations in training programmes on gender, leadership, citizenship and advocating for woment’s rights. She is currently the executive director of Coordinadora de la Mujer (a national coverage women’s NGOs network).



Julia Sanchez is the President and CEO of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation. Julia has more than 20 years of experience in top-level international development management, including 13 years working in developing countries. She served as Regional and National Campaigns Director for the Global Campaign for Climate Action. She has also worked as consultant to Oxfam Great Britain, USAID, and in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and a variety of other donor agencies. Julia has designed and managed programs in areas such as humanitarian assistance, reconstruction, governance, democratic development, community-based economic development, international volunteering and, more recently, campaigning on climate change. Julia currently represents North America in the CPDE Global Council and Coordination Committee.


Vitalice Meja is a development policy analysis specialist in the areas of development cooperation, economic development, poverty reduction policies and microfinance as it relates to NGOs, government and intergovernmental organizations. He coordinates the Reality of Aid Africa Network – a pan-African network working on poverty eradication through effective development co-operation. Aside from this, he sits as part of the International Coordinating Committee of the Reality of Aid Global Network. He also coordinates both the Africa region and the Working Group on Enabling Environment of the CPDE.