CSO DE WG spearheads Action Research on the State of CSO DE and Accountability

Despite successes, CSO face a lot of challenges in improving their own development effectiveness and accountability. Diminishing enabling environment for CSOs is one of these, if not the greatest challenge that prevents CSOs from fully implementing the Istanbul Principles and Accountability. Democratic spaces for engagement are shrinking at the global, regional, and national levels. Laws are being crafted to monitor and control CSOs activities. CSOs’ basic human rights are also threatened by threats to their lives and safety especially those who are very critical of government policies.

Five years since Istanbul and Siem Reap, there is a need for an assessment of the actual state of CSO Development Effectiveness and Accountability in order to scale up previous initiatives and identify action points to address challenges.

This action research will build on the results of the Journey from Istanbul casebook and the CPDE Global Synthesis on the State of Development Cooperation, CSO Enabling Environment, and CSO Development Effectiveness. It aims to:

  • Conduct an assessment of CSO progress in the implementing the Istanbul Principles and Accountability, in the context of different types of CSOs and the roles they play, and the CSO environment
  • Come up possible recommendations for CSOs in which CPDE could lend its expertise. The results should feed into the implementation of regional/sectoral skills training in developing their constituencies’ implementation of IP, and plans of the CSO DE WG.
  • Come up with policy recommendations for governments and donors to provide capacity development support for CSO development effectiveness
  • We are circulating this call for submissions for those who are interested to contribute to the action research. The deadline for submitting the notification of interest is April 30, 2016.

    For questions, kindly email mpamintuan@aprnet.org of the CSO DE WG.

    Call for submissions_CSODE_rev2

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