Regional and Sectoral Coordinating Units

As with its global counterpart, regional and sectoral coordinating units operate guided by the principles of diversity, representation, gender equity, and consensus decision-making.

The regional coordinating units convene existing sub-regional platforms, development CSOs and sectoral networks/groups within the region to develop and implement a collective advocacy, outreach and capacity development work plan. Through the regional coordination committees, the regional focal person and its representative(s) to the GC are selected.

The regional coordinating units are composed of a regional representative, sub-regional representatives, sector focal persons (at least one for each recognized sector) and regional secretariat (at most two dedicated staff). They are responsible for: (1) planning, coordination, communication and financial management, (2) policy development and advocacy engagement, and (3) outreach and capacity building. Generally, these are the governance bodies that provide leadership and direction to aid and development effectiveness work within the region following the vision, mission, goals, and strategies of the CPDE. These are also the units responsible for overseeing the operations of the regional secretariat.

To date, most regions have regional secretariats responsible for: (1) network coordination, administration, and outreach, (2) documentation and information management, (3) coordinating CPDE advocacy, outreach and capacity development activities with CPDE working groups and sectoral representatives in the region ensuring smooth and timely implementation and proper representation, (4) and coordinating with the Global Secretariat on CPDE program and platform decisions, activities, and processes.

Sectors also maintain coordinating units facilitated by a global representative and composed of regional representatives. The global representative sits at the CC, while global and regional representatives sit at the GC. Regional sectoral representatives are also part of regional coordinating units/committees to ensure synergy in their work with their respective region/sub-region.

Regional Secretariats
Asia Yodhim dela Rosa Reality of Aid Asia Pacific
Africa Christine Saru Reality of Aid Africa
Latin America Karina Caceres Fundacion SES
Europe Irina Lupu FOND Romania
Zuzana Sladkova CONCORD
MENA Zahra Bazzi ANND
North America Gavin Charles CCIC
Pacific Alanieta Vakatale PIANGO
Sectoral Secretariats
FBO Eva Ekelund ACT Alliance
Labour Paola Simonetti ITUC
Rural Roy Anunciacion PCFS
ICSO Luca de Fraia ActionAid
Feminist Group Monica Novillo Coordinadora dela Mujer
Indigenous Peoples Beverly Longid IPMSDL
Youth Rey Asis Asia Pacific Youth and Students Association
Migrants Aaron Ceradoy Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants