Governance and Management

The management and governance structure of the CSO Partnership reflects its work at the global, regional and national levels and supports connections between levels.


  • The Global Council represents the ultimate decision-making body of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness.

  • The Coordination Committee, in collaboration with the Global Council, oversees the work of the CSO Partnership.

  • CPDE is currently led by four (4) Co-chairs each tasked with managing the platform’s policy, finance, communications, and outreach concerns.

  • The Global Secretariat supports the daily management and finances of the CSO Partnership.

  • The Independent Accountability Committee ensures that evaluation and audit mechanisms and other accountability measures are in place and functioning.

  • Regional and Sectoral Coordinating Units convene existing platforms, development CSOs and sectoral networks/groups from the region to form a collective lobbying and advocacy work plan and implement the activities of the partnership.