Session 13 Thematic review: SDG 17: Investing in and Financing for SDGs

In accordance with paragraph 84. of the 2030 Agenda, Member States have decided that the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) shall carry out regular voluntary reviews of the 2030 Agenda which will include developed and developing countries as well as relevant UN entities and other stakeholders. The reviews will be state-led, involving ministerial and other relevant high-level participants, and provide a platform for partnerships, including through the participation of major groups and other relevant stakeholders.


The thematic reviews is a way for to lookthe theme through the lens of all 17 SDGs. The CPDE intervened in Session 13 Thematic review, “SDG 17: Investing in and Financing for SDGs” on July 13 in HLPF, New York.

An intervention by Tetet Nera-Lauron, CPDE Co-Chair
July 13, 2017
Conference Room 4

Good afternoon. I am Tetet Nera-Lauron  from the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness, representing the Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM).

The SDGs set a high bar that require concerted and collective action if we are to even come close to achieving these.

We face huge social, political, economic and environmental problems that add on to the burden especially of poor people in poor countries. We are deeply concerned that we will not be able to make good on the promise of ‘LNOB’ if we continue to fail to recognize and address the systemic and structural barriers before us. Without an accurate diagnosis of the problems, we might end up treating the symptoms, rather than the causes – which will lead us to giving ‘band-aid solutions’ that aggravate, rather than alleviate poverty, inequality and exclusion.

How do we begin to tackle problems brought about by a continuing legacy of neo-colonialism and corporate capture, land and resource grabs, privatization, racism, militarism, patriarchy and fundamentalisms?

We have some proposals to set the SDG wheels into motion:

  1. On trade, include a comprehensive regional and national SDG compatibility and human rights  impact assessment of the trade and investment agreements. Genuine civil society engagements and participation in the process in important to ensure a genuine and transparent assessment.
  2. On financing, we ask for: (a) continued research, analysis and consensus building initiatives in the areas of financing for development to enhance global, regional and national knowledge of infrastructure financing, including public-private partnerships; and (b) critically enhancing effectiveness and accountability mechanisms on PPPs.(c) making  Data for Development partnerships transparent and accountable
  3. On racism, patriarchy, and fundamentalisms, repeal and remove punitive and discriminatory laws that put the most marginalized communities in situations of risk and vulnerabilities and put in place enabling conditions for the meaningful engagement of these communities in all aspects of SDG implementation and review.
  4. We call upon the Member States to renew discussions on the Regional tax forum so that at the regional level, developing and least developed country voices are better included in the planning and implementation of tax cooperation mechanisms between countries, so that issue of the illicit financial flows is addressed.
  5. Finally we ask you to uphold the principles of people’s democratic rights to participations and engagement and provide institutional space and financial support to facilitate and improve this engagement. These rights are currently under threats as civil societies have to work in the face of repression and limitation in resources.

The whole of the Asia-Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism chooses NOT to be left behind. Unless deliberately left out, we remain emboldened to work with you in implementation and accountability of the Agenda 2030 in the spirit of Development Justice!

We want a strong Ministerial Declaration with strong commitment to Means of Implementation, Gender Equality, Women’s Human Rights.

Thank you.

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