Renewing Commitments to EDC and Accountability: Showcasing CPDE Constituents’ Work on Development Effectiveness

The CSO Partnership, at the 2nd High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC), will have space at the GPEDC Marketplace that will run for four (4) days. The Marketplace will be held in a designated tented area within the premises of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Along with governments, various organisations and companies that will showcase relevant programs, products and services, and share research and other knowledge products on good practices and lessons learned in advancing effective development cooperation at various levels, CPDE will make use of this informal space to promote its key advocacy messages.

The CPDE Marketplace is part of the platform’s HLM2 communication campaign and serves as a venue for bringing CSO voices at the grassroots to the global level by presenting ground experiences and perspectives as bases for global discourses and engaging a wider group of stakeholders to support CPDE key messages through small activities and dissemination of publications and other communication products and merchandises.

The Marketplace will highlight the following major publications of CPDE, among other publications:

  • State of Development Cooperation: Checking the Core of Effectiveness
  • Istanbul: Five Years After
  • How Effective are International Non-Government Organisations? A Review of the INGO Support of the Development Effectiveness Agenda

The Marketplace is also a place for engaging the media, for the media to engage CSO representatives, and for CSOs to participate in social media campaign of CPDE on issues that matter to the platform in this HLM.

Essentially, the Marketplace is an active space for the CPDE delegation – a venue for highlighting CSO experiences and advocacies and a social space for CSOs, CPDE partners, special interest groups on ODA, and the media. Highlights of the CPDE Marketplace are the following:


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