Development Partnerships (DP) are multi-stakeholder initiatives, which aim to contribute to various development milestones
including the realization of the UN SDGs. The CSO Partnership
will need to engage in and monitor these mechanisms in order to
ensure the rightful attainment of all Effective Development
Co-operation processes.

Hereby you can find a Mapping exercise, which shows a description
of several worldwide initiatives to monitor the inclusivity of Development Partnerships.

Paola Simonetti
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

“A Multi-stakeholder partnership such as social dialogue is indispensable if we are to reduce inequality and
support inclusive development”.

Patricia Akakpo
Co-Chair of the CSO Partnership for Development
Effectiveness (CPDE).

“Inclusive partnerships allow for the meaningful
participation of relevant stakeholders including civil society organisations (CSOs) and the citizens they represent”.

“It’s the only way to go, if we are to deliver the promise of
sustainable development for all”.

What is understood by Monitoring Development partnerships ?

This implies CSOs’ role in development processes through the monitoring of development policies and development projects that are accessed through development cooperation. CPDE will bring the lens of Effective Development Co-operation when monitoring Development projects and how these are, in practice, being implemented through partnerships.

When monitoring development partnerships, CPDE highlights the multi-stakeholder nature of partnerships, and how they are inclusive of CSOs. In practice some DP between donor and recipient governments does not always involve CSOs. At the minimum, CSO responsibility in these processes should be through monitoring.




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