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Ghana was the first country in Africa to gain independence in 1957. However, the country fell victim to epidemic corruption and economic mismanagement. Following several coups, the constitution of April 1992 brought about a renewed period of stability and democracy. The past two decades have shown solid economic growth and Ghana has been credited with the fastest rates in poverty reduction on the continent based on government data.

Located in Western Africa, the agricultural sector remains the economic engine for growth in Ghana. The exports of cocoa, gold and timber make up 48 percent of GDP and 90 percent of export earnings. Despite progress, challenges remain plentiful. Over one quarter of Ghana’s population continues to live below the national poverty line. In particular, a large income gap persists between the populations of the drought –prone north and those residing in the south with two growing seasons.

Country Facts

Poverty Headcount Ratio at National Poverty line (percent of pop) 28.5% (2006)
Life Expectancy at Birth, total (years) 57 (2008)
Literacy Rate, adult total (percent of people aged 15 and above) 66% (2008)
External Debt Stocks (percent of GNI) 37.3% (2009)
GNI per capita (current US $) $1,190 (2009)
GDP annual growth (percent) 4.7% (2009)
Inflation Consumer Prices (annual percent) 19.3% (2009)
Population, total 23,837,261
Rural Population (percent of total pop) 11,737,467
Net ODA Received (percent of central government expenditure) 22.1% (2008)


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