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The People’s Republic of China is home to the world’s largest population with over 1.3 billion people. It is also the world’s third largest country with immense coastlines and fertile plains and valleys. Since 1994 the country’s economy has grown substantially at nearly 10 percent annually, impacting poverty reduction on a large scale. As a result, per capita income increased six-fold by 2008 decreasing the number of absolute poor from roughly 260 to 14 million people.

Despite China’s phenomenal growth rates, poverty is still persistent, particularly in remote rural areas. Income inequality has been broadened between the eastern and western, coastal and rural parts with the income gap between rural and urban expanding significantly since the late 1970’s. China’s government is addressing these problems through large scale investments in infrastructure, irrigation, education, health and favorable policies in support of the rural population. (source: IFAD)

Country Facts

Poverty Headcount Ratio at National Poverty line (percent of pop) 2.8% (2004)
Life Expectancy at Birth, total (years) 73 (2008)
Literacy Rate, adult total (percent of people aged 15 and above) 94% (2008)
External Debt Stocks (percent of GNI) $3,650 (2009)
capital (GNI per current US$) $1,630 (2009)
GDP annual growth (percent) 9.1 (2009)
Inflation Consumer Prices (annual percent) -0.7 (2009)
Population, total/td>

1,331,460,00 (2009)
Rural Population 745,617,600
Net ODA Received (percent of central government expenditure) 0.4% (2006)


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