Global Partnership addresses challenges in turning commitments into action in 8th SC meet

Mexico City, Mexico – Representatives of governments, private sector, foundations, trade unions and civil society met in Mexico City last 3-4 September 2015 to address challenges in turning development effectiveness commitments into action. The meeting marks the 8th gathering of the 24-member steering committee (SC) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC).

The two-day event focused on the role of the Global Partnership in supporting the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and how to strengthen accountability and action through the second global round of monitoring effective development cooperation commitments.

Discussions were mainly on the GPEDC’s contribution to the post-2015 agenda and its value-added role in promoting policy dialogue. Participants also had the opportunity to comment the second round of global monitoring, which is considered one of the strengths of the GPEDC — gathering a broad range of development stakeholders both at the country and global levels to monitor progress in implementing Busan commitments such as on the use of country systems, CSO enabling environment, private sector and transparency among others.

“Civil society space continues to shrink. CSOs around the world face daily challenges, particularly in fragile settings,” said CPDE Co-Chair and CSO representative to the GPEDC Steering Committee Tetet Nera Lauron. Ms Lauron referred in particular to indicator 2 of the monitoring framework, which is meant to assess the enabling environment for civil society organisations in developing countries. “Our participation in national, regional and global development discussions remains severely limited,” she added.

The results of the monitoring exercise aims to complement the monitoring and review processes of the new set of UN Sustainable Development Goals. The monitoring report will be presented at the 2nd High-Level meeting of the GPEDC in Nairobi, Kenya next year.###

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