CSO Partnership stresses need for human rights-based approach to dev’t, plans ahead for 2015 onward

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Stressing the need for a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to development, the CSO Partnership Coordination Committee (CC) met last 6-7 October 2014 to strategize on the platform’s direction towards 2015 and beyond.

“Central to CPDE’s mandate is to advocate for a human-rights based development agenda—a language that was missing from the HLM communiqué and an advocacy we are prepared to push for in the coming years,” said Tetet Lauron, chairperson of the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) and CPDE Co-Chair.

The event marks the sixth meeting of the CPDE coordination committee and its first gathering after the Mexico HLM last April 15-16 2014.

“Addressing core areas of development effectiveness remains central to CSO engagement in the process of reforming the global aid architecture, including removing policy conditionality, untying aid and improving the use of country systems,” said Richard Ssewakiryanga, Executive Director of the Uganda NGO Forum and CPDE Co-Chair.

The CC Meeting underscored the need for development actors to: (a) address new challenges and implement Busan commitments, (b) put human rights-based approaches at the heart of development, (c) promote inclusive development, (d) support an enabling environment for CSOs to realize their full potential as independent development actors, (e) align private sector-led processes with development effectiveness principles, and (f) build inclusive partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2015 and beyond

The two-day event discussed CPDE’s direction as 2015 approaches including the formulation of a global post-2015 advocacy strategy and a new set of key asks to unite CSO engagement in the coming years.

“The work of CPDE is expanding as we approach 2015 and it becomes more important than ever for us to consolidate our ranks and reaffirm our values as a united CSO community,” said Justin Kilcullen from CONCORD and CPDE Co-Chair.

Members of the CC also stressed on the urgency to define the “how” of the post-2015 agenda including the need for greater synergies between development processes such as the GPEDC and the UN Development Cooperation Forum (DCF).

“The GPEDC needs to urgently build internal synergies in-between development processes. This would strengthen the role of the GPEDC on the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals,” said Jorge Balbis from Asociación Latinoamericana de Organizaciones de Promoción al Desarrollo (ALOP) and CPDE Co-Chair.

“The CSO Partnership is more committed than ever in doing our part to make development effectiveness a reality,” added Patricia Akakpo, NETRIGHT Ghana Programme Manager and CPDE Co-Chair.

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