CPDE reviews and renews strategy

The CPDE is an established global open platform for civil society organisations in advancing effectiveness principles in development cooperation. In light of the changes in the development environment since its inception in 2012, CPDE is poised to a review and renew its strategy to further this claim.

A strategic planning meeting is set to be conducted in Brussels, Belgium on November 26 to 27. This will be participated by the frontliners of the CPDE program – its co-chairs, representatives from global regions, sectors, working group leads, secretariat and consultants.

The meeting is part of a process of CPDE’s reflection on its mission, goals, achievements and ways of working. Earlier this month, CPDE solicited the advice and insights of its leaders, members and key stakeholder to inform the meeting.

The strategic planning process is to be completed early 2016 and would inform CPDE plans in the coming years. Reaffirming its mandate would enable the platform to organise itself, politically and programmatically, to better carry out its purpose and its intentions.

In light of the ongoing highest security alert level in Brussels and uncertainties in the situation, the above CPDE Strategic Planning workshop and the 7th CPDE Coordination meeting will be postponed to a later date.

CPDE stands in solidarity the people from across countries for peace.

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