CPDE Global Council confirms members of CPDE governance bodies

The Global Council (GC), the highest decision-making body of the CSO Partnership, confirmed new members of the Coordination Committee (CC) and GC during its 4th annual meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 November 2016.


New CC and GC members

Representative Organisation CPDE position
Atama Katama
(CC and GC member)
PACOS Trust Asia regional focal person
Nurgul Dzhanaeva
(CC and GC member)
Forum of Women’s NGOs in Kyrgyzstan Asia second representative to the CC
Azra Sayeed
(CC and GC member)
Roots for Equity Rural Global representative
Stefano Nobile
(GC member)
CARITAS International FBO
Bright Gabriel Mawudor
(GC member)
All African Conference of Churches (AACC) FBO
Hilma Kupila Mote
(GC member)
ITUC Africa Labour regional representative for Africa
Nerea Cravioto
(GC member)
AWID Feminists Group International representative
Amal Abdel Hadi El Derwee
(GC member)
New Woman Foundation / Regional Equality Without Reservation FG regional rep for MENA
Susana Tuisawau
(GC member)
Pacific Center for the Advancement of Women (PACFAW) FG regional rep for Pacific
Maria Carolina Carrera Ferrer
(GC member)
Centro regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de Genero: CorporaciónHumanas FG regional rep for LAC

Following the selection of Julia Sanchez, former North America regional representative, as one of the new Co-Chairs, the NA region is now represented by Brian Tomlinson, AidWatch Canada. A second seat for the North America region will also be filled up in the GC.

Furthermore, the Youth Sector has selected a new Global Coordinator in the person of Rey Asis, Asia Pacific Students and Youth Association. He will replace Cordellia Sikosana.

Representative Organisation CPDE position
Brian Tomlinson AidWatch Canada North America regional representative
Rey Asis Asia Pacific Students and Youth Association Youth global sectoral representative

Updated list of CC members can be accessed here.

New CPDE Sector and Sub-region
The CPDE now has a total of eight sectors as Migrants/Diaspora Sector is now officially part of the Platform.

The GC also confirmed the creation of a separate Caribbean sub-region from the former CAMEXCA sub-region. The Latin America and the Caribbean Region now has four sub-regions namely Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, Andean, and South Cone. Addys Then Marte of Alianza ONG (Dominican Republic) will be the sub-regional representative of Caribbean, while Helmer Velasquez of Coordination of NGOs and Cooperatives of Guatemala (CONGCOOP) will be the new sub-regional representative of Central America and Mexico. Both will be part of the GC.

For more information, please contact membership@csopartnership.org

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