CPDE CSO DE Working Group at the World Social Forum

The CSO DE Working Group of the CPDE is set to conduct several events in Montreal, Canada before and during the World Social Forum from August 8 to August 14. These events are:

  • The Sharing Session on the Action Research on CSO DE and Accountability is a gathering of the research participants wherein they will present the initial results of their researches, share cases from their organizations/country, and exchange constructive feedback on each other’s work. The event also aims to facilitate discussions to enrich CPDE’s understanding of how the Istanbul Principles and CSO Accountability operate in different contexts. The session will take place on August 8 to 9 at the Hotel Universel in Montreal.
  • The workshop Istanbul Principles Five Years after (IP+5): Civil society development effectiveness and accountability in a changing landscape is a two-part activity organized inside the World Social Forum. CPDE will take this moment to further socialize the Istanbul Principles and discuss issues relating to CSO effectiveness and accountability during the WSF. This one-day activity on CSO effectiveness and accountability will be characterized by: (a) plenary inputs and open discussions, including presentations on the Action Research on CSO DE and Accountability; (b) on-site facilities for organizations to do their IP self-assessment checklist and be part of the #accountable2people campaign.
  • CPDE will also have a Booth at the WSF from August 10 to 13 where CDPE’s information-educational materials will be available. Information about the CSO Effectiveness Test as well as facilities for taking the test on site will be available. The CSO Effectiveness Test is a self-assessment checklist for civil society organizations across the globe. It measures the extent to which CSOs are applying the Istanbul Principles-a set of core values that guide our work towards making us more accountable and effective as independent development actions in our own right.

Please check the CPDE website, Facebook page, and Twitter for regular updates during the activities.

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