CPDE and RoA holds multi-stakeholder workshop to beef up South South Development Cooperation (SSDC) framework

“SSDC has more than proven its actual capacity and potential to play a crucial and distinct role in development cooperation.”

Antonio Tujan Jr., director of IBON International, reiterates South-South Cooperation as an arena for development cooperation of civil society organisations and governments.

Tujan joined 35 representatives from different CSOs and government think tanks and multilateral development institutions in a workshop held in Manila 28-29 January. The workshop, entitled ‘Workshop on Measuring Effective South-South Development Cooperation’, was organised by CPDE and Reality of Aid Global. The main objective is to develop a framework for measuring SSC.

The CPDE proposed framework looks at SSDC from various dimensions. It will be a tool to mainstream South-South monitoring in the development effectiveness agenda. It focuses on the areas where the benefits of South-South interventions have been optimized. This framework for monitoring is intended for CSOs, policymakers and development practitioners interested in monitoring the effectiveness of SSDC in the context of the global partnership for development effectiveness (DE) and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It seeks to use both the DE and SSDC principles to develop a framework that to be used to assess the effectiveness of SSDC in development.

The areas discussed include the adoption of SSDC principles in national policies, progams and practices; partnerships and SSDC initiatives and financing mobilization.

Fanwell Bokosi of African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) says, “SSDC is helping the way for CSO’s to move forward.”

This multi-stakeholder workshop ended with hopes that a SSDC framework will be finalised before the upcoming High Level Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya in November.

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