COSADER launches project on development and implementation of civil society Code of Ethics and Standards

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Following a call for proposals to implement country focused projects by the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), COSADER was selected through a competitive process to implement its project on the theme “Elaboration of a code of ethics and conduct for the organisation of the civil society sector” in Cameroon.

This project seeks to strengthen the effectiveness of Cameroonian CSOs through the development of a collective standard on ethics and accountability. Issues of promoting accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness on the part of civil society have been at the centre of governance debates in the civil society sector in Cameroon.

It is anticipated that participating CSOs from all the 10 regions of Cameroon shall be actively involved in the process of developing the Code of Ethics and Standards document by setting minimum standards on issues including governance, internal operations, programs, fundraising, communication in line with the 5th Principle of Istanbul, that calls on transparency and responsibility on the part of civil society if they want to be effective as actors of development. This will be followed by a process of engaging with participating CSOs to adhere to the agreed principles and standards which shall all be geared towards creating a more conducive environment, build trust and public reputation for a sector characterised by a growing number of diverse actors and a number of malpractices.

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