Civil society calls for climate finance additional to ODA

“There is basis for integration because all climate finance has development impact and contribution, it’s linked to additionality.”

Antonio Tujan, Director of IBON International and former CPDE chair, clearly draws this imperative of a distinction between climate finance and development finance.

Tujan and other civil society organisations join in a Conference of Parties 21 or COP21 side event entitled “Delivering climate and sustainable development solution.”

This event was organised by the Partnership on Climate Finance and Development as initiated by the Global Partnership.

Climate and development finance play a vital role in its objective to finance a sustainable future. Though fundamentally linked, CSOs demand from developed countries that that the two be addressed independently.

But OECD Development Assistance Committee Chair Erik solheim says otherwise, that DF is CF.

Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Article 4 Commitments, developed countries are expected to give full considerations to what actions are necessary, including actions related to funding.

For some CSOs, this commitment is tantamount to providing a separate fund for climate related issues and not just taking it out from development finance or specifically the Offical Development Assistance or ODA.

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