Any future Global Partnership must include civil society and their demands

Civil society highlights their demands ahead of the High Level Meeting on Development Cooperation

MEXICO CITY, April 14—A day ahead of the first High-Level Meeting (HLM) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) in Mexico, civil society organisations from around the world convened in a one-day forum to discuss the most pressing and pivotal issues at stake for shaping global development cooperation, and the role of civil society organisations in shaping that future.

“For development cooperation to be effective, we must ensure that existing commitments are met, that implementation of these is immediate and meaningful, and that the outcomes are inclusive of all development actors,” said Antonio Tujan Jr, IBON International Director and Co-Chair of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE).

The CPDE is a global network of civil society organisations and trade unions that sits on the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership.

In Mexico, CSOs reiterate their calls on all development actors to commit to the following:

  1. Finalise the implementation of Paris, Accra and Busan principles and apply them to all actors. As the role of the Private Sector is strongly promoted in the meeting, development actors should ensure that ODA to or through the Private Sector follows and reinforces the agreed effectiveness principles, not undermine them.
  2. Accelerate and deepen Busan commitments;
  3. Strengthen the enabling environment for CSOs as independent development actors; and
  4. Promote equitable and just development cooperation architecture leading to the creation of decent work, gender equality, respect for human rights and overall strong, shared and sustainable growth.

“The HLM takes place at a critical point in time in which there is unequal and unsustainable growth and growing inequality everywhere in the world,” said Jorge Balbis, Executive Director of La Asociacion Latinoamericana de Organizaciones de Promocion al Desarrollo (ALOP) and CPDE Co-chair.

“In Mexico, members of the Global Partnership are in a position to take decisive steps towards promoting policy coherence for development and greater stakeholder engagement that will promote the type of economic diversification and social transformation that the world needs,” said Paola Simonetti, Labour representative and Chair of the CPDE working group on Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA).

Addressing key areas of development effectiveness remains at the core of CSO engagement in the process of reforming the global aid architecture, including removing policy conditionality, untying aid and improving the use of country systems.

The CSO Forum underscored:

The need for any new commitments made in Mexico to genuinely advance issues of enabling environment, democratic ownership, gender equality and human rights-based approaches, and that these be put at the core of the Global Partnership.
The HLM should agree that overall aim of development cooperation through the Private Sector is to build a domestic economy that provides decent work and generates tax revenue, and thus acts as an engine for equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic development and transformation.
The importance to fight against corruption and embezzlement that jeopardise national efforts made through the national tax systems.
“CSOs are central to achieving these core principles, but we are faced with a shrinking space for our activities through legal and regulatory barriers, and tied aid that is closing these spaces even further—these trends must be reversed,” said Maria Theresa Lauron, chairperson of Asia-Pacific Research Network and CPDE Co-Chair.

“Strengthening the Global Partnership is key to meeting our development aspirations and contributing to the post-2015 process,” added Richard Ssewakiryanga, Executive Director of the Uganda NGO Forum and one of the Co-Chairs of the CPDE.

“The CSO Partnership stands ready to assume its role in these efforts,” added Emele Duituturaga, PIANGO Executive Director and Co-Chair of the CPDE.

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