2nd CPDE LatAm and Caribbean Meet kicks off in Peru

Lima, Peru– The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) in Latin America and the Carribean (LAC) had its Second Regional Meeting in Lima, Peru from August 3 to 4, 2015. Sectoral and sub-regional representatives of the CPDE LAC updated those present in the meeting with the platform’s current work and discussions on development effectiveness. Participants analysed global processes in which the CPDE is currently involved with and reviewed the region’s participation in those spaces.

One of the most relevant questions raised during the meeting was the importance of strengthening a “regional identity” that will allow the region to contribute in the different target spaces and address different international issues with a proper regional perspective. Participants also defined three thematic principles that they believe occupy a special part in the CPDE agenda, and in particular, the Latin American region: (1) Financing and cooperation for development, (2) LAC model of development, and (3) democratic space to allow participation in those apparent processes.


A total of 40 participants attended the meeting, with three representatives per sub-region and one from each sector. The region is currently sub-divided in three sub-regions: CAMEXCA, Andean and South Cone. All member-countries of Andean and South Cone participated, and an important representation from CAMEXCA, including the Anglophone countries of the Caribbean became involved for the first time.
Towards the end of the meeting, the region assigned its new representatives to the Coordination Committee, and they are: Alberto Croce of Red Encuentro-Argentina (replacing Addys Then Marte) and Ana Tallada of CONADES Peru (replacing Georgina Munoz). CPDE LAC also elected the following members of its own regional Coordination Committee:

Sub-regional representatives:

  • Addys Then Marte (Alianza ONG, Dominican Republic) for CAMEXCA
  • Pina Huaman (ANC Peru) for Andean
  • Loreto Bravo (Accion Chile) for South Cone
  • Regional sectoral representatives:

  • Giulia Masobrio (Labour)
  • Malena Famá (Youth)
  • Zoila Bustamante (Rural)
  • Milton Mejía (Faith-Based),
  • Mónica Novillo (Feminist Group)
  • Norma Maldonado (Indigenous Peoples)
  • Jorge Balbis (ALOP – México) in his capacity as a CPDE Co-chair who also represents the region.
  • plenario

    Participants defined work priorities until December 2016, including discussions on the proposal of having a separate Caribbean sub-region, formulation of regional key demands and the recognition of the CPDE LAC in different debates and spaces around development cooperation. ###

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