2016 CPDE Perception Survey

In 2014, the CPDE conducted a Perception Survey that looked into the perception of our stakeholders with regards to CSO key messages. We now launch another Perception Survey to understand your experiences in terms of information use and dissemination of CSO key messages so that we may further improve our communication strategy to ensure you access practical and useful information for your organisations and stakeholders.

The current Survey takes less than 10 minutes. It is administered in three languages. Depending on which language you are most comfortable with, kindly choose one of the links below:

We appreciate your increasing support for the initiatives of CPDE and hope that you spend a few minutes for this survey. We hope to complete this survey by 16 September 2016.


  1. Simon Gicaci macharia says

    Please keep up

  2. Simon Gicaci macharia says

    Improve knowledge of continental and regional support programmes and approaches.

  3. Simon Gicaci macharia says

    Facilitate access to information and knowledge on various technological and investment financing opportunities and options including those under UN system

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